Special Healing Methods

"Healing for the body and soul and clarity for the spirit"

Special healing methods

Sounds of the soul
Effect: the vibration of the body is
increased, and it becomes more conducive. 
Chakra and aura are cleansed, 
blood flow is enhanced, you are relaxed
and calmed, blockages are dissolved, 
improved decision-making abilities, 
deep relaxation, development of deep-seated
trust, you become better centered, inspiring. 
Aided by the Chakraphon (8Hz) and the
color healing light. By means of sound sticks 
and a singing bowl, your spirit is
transported into an alpha state.
Intuitive form of healing.
ca. 50 min € 59
Shamanic beeswax therapy
for aura and chakra cleansing

• Egg therapy
• Recovery of the soul
• Drum healing journey
• Spiritual cleansing
• Talismans and protection medallions
• Animal communication
• Channeling, etc.
per hour € 70
Soothing energy brings mind,
body, and soul in harmony and
promotes natural regeneration.

ca. 50 min
ca. 30 min

€ 60
€ 36
Chinese foot reflexology massage
The feet are the 2nd heart of man.
"The journey of 1000 miles begins
beneath one's feet" (Chinese proverb).
It increases your well-being in the long-term!
On a smaller scale, the feet "reflect"
the entire body and its condition.
The effect of the treatment extends to both
the physical and psychological-emotional area.
ca. 60 min € 65
Energizing precious stone massage and Reiki
A harmonious coexistence – 
precious stones and gentle touches
ca. 80 min € 87

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Our wellness packages

Relaxing hiking stay for the Alpine crossing

15.06.2017 to 07.10.2017

• 1 night

• Back, neck, & leg massage

from € 104.00 per pers.