Facial treatments

Recreation holiday in Hochfügen, Tyrol

Face Sampler - EUR 65.00

Experience the world of beauty care - 50 min

Detox – for skin with impurities, combination skin -  EUR 95.00

The classic facial treatment for combination skin and skin with impurities. It regulates fat and moisture levels and results in a beautifully cared-for appearance - 90 min

Advanced Biogen regeneration - EUR 95.00

This treatment gives your skin renewed strength and energy. Your metabolism is activated, while cell regeneration and skin renewal are intensively activated - 90 min

Vita Balance – dry skin - EUR 95.00

Restores the skin’s fat and moisture balance, elasticity and suppleness. Tension as well as areas of dryness are effectively reduced with long-lasting results – for that confident feeling of a soft, well-cared-for complexion  - 90 min

Anti Stress – sensitive skin - EUR 95.00

eases irritation, redness and unpleasant causes of tension. The skin is soothed, harmonized, while your susceptibility to over-reaction is minimized. No artificial fragrances or dyes - 90 min

Ampoule Crash Kur - EUR 65.00

Intensive moisturizing treatment for the skin with push-up effect. 5 ampoules are worked into the skin using a special massage technique involving so-called “Beauty Waves”  - 50 min

Absolute Lifting Luxury - EUR 160.00

Research by Babor has once again resulted in innovations in the field of cosmetic lifting, now with a patent pending. The skin becomes visibly smoother and contours more toned. Also with BUST MODELLAGE A special treatment to tone the décolleté and bosom, prevent the slackening of tissue. Bust modellage is the crowning conclusion of treatments designed to tone the breast and activate cell renewal. Feel how connective tissue is strengthened and the natural form of the breast enhanced - 120 min

Beauty Aging - EUR 160.00

This luxury treatment is a fountain of youth that you can feel and, above all, see. The skin is revitalized, activated and supplied with moisture. Anti-aging ingredients smooth existing wrinkles, refine the structure of the skin, and rejuvenate the skin complexion. Relaxing hand care including a peel and pack provide the final finishing touches to this pampering program. The result, aside from total relaxation, is a fresh radiance as well as a clearly rejuvenated appearance - 120 min

Eye Treatment - EUR 50.00

Special Alpine treatment to care for and rejuvenate the sensitive skin areas around the eyes. Treatment begins with a gentle cleansing to prepare you for an anti-wrinkle massage in the eye area. With the help of a special mask, the eyes are made radiant once more. An enjoyable treatment with cooling effects to bolster the eyes - 30 min

Summer- and Winterpackages 2016/2017

Summer / Winter calls, Zillertal answers

Relax-Wanderübernachtung für die Alpenüberquerung

15.06.2017 bis 07.10.2017

• 1 Übernachtungen

• Massage Rücken, Nacken & Beine

ab € 104,00 p.P.


15.06.2017 bis 07.10.2017

• 7 Übernachtungen

• Zillertaler Activcard

2 Erwachsene und 2 Kinder

für € 1.399,00


25.06.-02.07.2017 & 13.08.-27.08.2017

• 7 Übernachtungen

• Entschlackungskur

ab € 985,00 p.P.


25.06.-02.07.2017 & 13.08.-27.08.2017

• 3 Übernachtungen

• Bewegungsprogramm

• Behandlungen wie Leberwickel

ab € 528,00 p.P.


02.07.-09.07.2017 & 27.08.-03.09.2017

• 7 Übernachtungen

• Bewegungsprogramm

• Engpassdehnung nach LnB

ab € 998,00 p.P.