Massages & Treatments


Poppy-flower massage 30' - EUR 38.00
Reduced pain and swelling, promotes blood flow, reenergizes

Anti-Pain Special 60' - EUR 80.00
For the back, neck, shoulder, using a special point technique & stretching.

Body Treatments & Massages

Smoke Signal: herb and ear-candle treatment incl. a cleansing energy-point and ear massage - 50 min EUR 50.00

Effects: In the head area, blood flow, metabolism and lymphatic function are activated. Soothes and reduces blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, detoxifies, improves hearing and balance, ideal for cold, stress, cranial pressure  ... Each ear candle is created individually.

Indigo: meridian head massage - 30 min EUR 36.00

Effects: soothes and relaxes, relieves blockages. By activating the appropriate points in combination with pure essential oils and a Color-Heal Light, blockages are removed and energy can flow once more. Ideal for cranial pressure, stress ...

Sounds of the Soul - 50 min EUR 59.00

Effects: Harmony within the body is increased as it becomes more diaphanous. Chakras and aura unite, blood flow improves, you are relaxed and calmed, blockages are removed, more decisiveness, deep relaxation,  Development of deep-seated trust, you become better centered, inspiring.  Aided by the Chakraphone (8Hz) and the Color Heal Light. By means of sound sticks and a singing bowl, your body spirit is transported into an alpha state, yet you still perceive everything. Intuitive form of healing.

Body Detox: electrolysis foot bath - 1 x 40 min EUR 38.00 3 x 40 min EUR 108.00

Deacidify, cleanse, detoxify The perfect way to extinguish over-acidity. Your feet are essentially your 3rd kidney. With this electrolysis foot bath, uric acid is eliminated from your body. Results in improvement of a variety of forms of paresthesia. Tip: Enjoy this treatment prior to foot care and those calluses won’t stand a chance!

HOT and COLD STONE Massage - 90 min EUR 95.00

Deep relaxation and harmony for body, mind and soul. Complemented by the 7 Sofri color-energy aromas, the power of colors and pure, natural essential oils are united with the energy of the stones to create a sensual, meditative experience.

Energy Balance - 70 min EUR 75.00

This full-body massage results in a sense of wellbeing in keeping with you and your needs, based on Taoist teachings of the 5 elements: fire, earth, water, wood and metal. Restores harmony to body and soul. The energy-balance massage relaxes and revitalizes your Chi life energy.

Reiki - 50 min EUR 60.00 30 min EUR 36.00

Soothing energy restores harmony to body, mind and soul, at the same time promoting natural regeneration.

Vita Life - EUR 1.50/min (recommendation at least 10 min)

Brings light into darkness. A revolutionary concept in preventive health care. Magnetic field therapy in combination with colored-light and sound therapy – reduces stress – supports the regeneration process – relieves muscle tension – prevents muscle aches and pains – helps with numerous complaints. Please contact Eva in our wellness area – can be integrated into various treatments.

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Relax-Wanderübernachtung für die Alpenüberquerung

15.06.2017 bis 07.10.2017

• 1 Übernachtungen

• Massage Rücken, Nacken & Beine

ab € 104,00 p.P.