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Alpen Glow 3-4 treatment days - EUR 226.00
Alpen Spring – body peel with mountain salt & glacial ice – foot massage with stimulating arnica oil and an ice-ball facial treatment: ADVANCED BIOGEN REGENERATION Alpen Meadow - Alpine herbal stamp massage

Alpen Magic 2-3 treatment days - EUR 159.00
Herbal footbath followed by a foot massage, glacier ice, pine-honey treatment, forest fragrance facial treatment from Babor, Vita Balance facial treatment – to combat dry skin

Alpen Body Vital – Alpine detoxification package,  3-5 treatment days - EUR 270.00
Waterfall - energy-brush massage Smoke Signal - herb-ear candle massage Origins – base, herbal oil treatment with liver wrap, Babor facial treatment, Detox – for skin impurities and combination skin, Body Detox – electrolysis foot bath.

The Call of the Mountain – sports package, 2-3 treatment days - EUR 116.00
Glacier Ice – foot and leg massage for beautifully cared-for feet and athletic calves, spa pedicure Arnica Vital – back relaxation treatment with an arnica-oil base bath   

Alpen Relax – Complete relaxation package, 2-3 treatment days  - EUR 152.00
Crystal Clear – Cleansing ritual and soap-suds wash  Indigo – meridian head massage Sounds of the Soul – treatment for body, mind and soul Vita Life 10 min

Cooling Package - EUR 79.00
Cooling bath (or if you choose) 30min herbal stamp massage 25min incl. ear-candle treatment 30 min

“Healing for the body, the soul, and clarity for the mind”

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Our wellness packages

Relax-Wanderübernachtung für die Alpenüberquerung

15.06.2017 bis 07.10.2017

• 1 Übernachtungen

• Massage Rücken, Nacken & Beine

ab € 104,00 p.P.