The Berghotel Hochfügen

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The Berghotel was the first hotel in Finsinggrund (this was the old name for Hochfügen), built at the beginning of the 1960s by Mrs. Babette Guggemoos, a landowner from the Starnberger See region in Germany.

The completion and opening of the, what for those times at least, was an exceptionally luxurious hotel came in 1963.

The access road leading to Hochfügen was rather adventurous at this time, which meant people tried to avoid using it as much as possible! As a consequence, they built their own doctor's room, hairdresser's, pig sty (!) and butcher's, smokehouse, bakery/pastry shop and extraordinarily large storage rooms, allowing them to endure any lengthier periods of being trapped in the event of avalanches. In other words, virtually the entire infrastructure of a mid-size village - all for just 80 guests!

And so that guests in this remote setting (there were also very few ski lifts) didn't become too bored, they also organized high-spirited festivities, built a bowling alley, and there was even a skating rink in the interior courtyard.

Mrs. Guggemoos only ran the hotel herself for a short time, followed by lease to a number of different people until it was finally bought by the Ernst Erlebach Sr. family in 1983. Unfortunately, at this time the hotel proved to be not particularly safe from avalanche danger on several occasions. The Sonntagsköpfl avalanche of winter 1983 (shortly before the Erlebach family took over in May) actually cut straight through the hotel. It was almost a miracle that no one was seriously injured. But nowadays, due to extensive avalanche barriers added on the Sonnntagsköpfl, our hotel is absolutely safe. 

In the 20 years that the property was leased out, maintenance and modernization were somewhat neglected. So it was that, in the first winter after the Erlebach family had taken over, use of heating oil amounted to an incredible 156,000 liters (and the price of heating oil back then was 8.00 schillings per liter!).

As a consequence, investments were made as quickly as possible in heat insulation for the entire building. With the entire heating system replaced in 1998, our annual use of heating oil is now 72,000 liters per year. Today's Berghotel is now at the cutting edge of technology.

In order to remain consistent with the whole ecological way of thinking, a district heating system, which will actually be run by the businesses of Hochfügen themselves, is in the planning stages. We hope to realize this project in the next few years, allowing us to nurture our most important resource – the clear, fragrant mountain air at 1500 meters above sea level.

Improvements at the Berghotel aimed at our guests haven’t been neglected either: Immediately after purchasing the hotel, the Erlebach family added a sauna, and the pub was remodeled into a self-service restaurant. 1989 saw the building of an umbrella bar and kiosk, and in 1998 came other additions including a swimming pool, steam bath, wellness area, hairdresser and shops, which have since been leased and operated by two Fügen businesses, Sport Unterlercher and Skischule Total.

In recent years, all bathrooms and most of the windows and guest rooms have been renovated In Autumn 2008, our popular Après-Ski Bar "Gogola".

For winter 2009/2010, our evening pub and bowling lane were renovated. The “Henhouse” became BAR-LOUNGE FINSING, allowing our guests to unwind in an especially beautiful ambience after their day of skiing.

With winter 2017/2018, all renovation work on the guest rooms are completed and up to date. When choosing the furnishings, we have put special interest on comfort and well-being with a lot of pinewood.

Our goal is to improve constantly and set a course that is innovative and looks to the future. And this is intended to benefit you, our guests, above all.

We hope to see you soon at Berghotel Hochfügen.

Your hosts, the Erlebach family

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