Consciously enjoy your vacation

With the motto holidayPLUS, we would like to provide even more added value to the vacation of our guests.
Relax – detoxify – feel good

Don't just see the sun but feel it. Don't just breathe in the fresh mountain air but taste it, and don't just see the flowers but experience them. Go on a journey with us into the conscious world. Arrive and let go. Wake up and get started.  

Have you ever experienced a sunrise on a mountain peak? – You should!

Below, you will find packages for our holidayPLUS offer.

holidayPLUS packages

Schnupperkurs Bogenschießen 3D Parcours

15.06.2019 bis 10.10.2019

• 4 Übernachtungen

• Schnupperkurs Bogenschießen

ab € 309,50 p.P.