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We offer a variety of soothing treatments for face, hands, feet, and the entire body. Your complexion and skin texture will improve immediately. Rough patches will disappear, and irregularities will be treated. Your hands will feel velvety smooth. 

Akari natural cosmetics

Akari means light, and light is vibration. Vibration is a constant flow of energy. There is no rigid or dead matter. At the heart of it all is man. Akari has made it their mission to restore harmony in the body's frequency spectrum by means of colored light therapy and with the help of plants and minerals.

Facial treatments

Individual facial
An efficient facial treatment
tailored to your skin condition
consisting of a mild cleansing,
eyebrow shaping,
deep steam cleansing with ozone,
peel, ampoule/serum, mask,
and relaxing mask.
ca. 90 min € 95
Beauty aging
This luxurious treatment is a
perceptible and visible fountain
of youth. The skin will be revitalized
and nourished with moisture.
Anti-aging ingredients smooth
existing wrinkles, refine the
structure of the skin, and rejuvenate
the complexion with colored light ultrasound.
ca. 90 min € 120

Spirit of the rainbow
Skin and cream choose each other.
For your skin, this means a vibrant
radiance and unpleasant side effects
and disharmonies will be soothed.
Deep cleansing, peel, vapozon, 
mask, massage, colored light,
essential color oil

ca. 90 min € 95
Relaxing cosmetics
Cleansing, peel, mask, massage
ca. 50 min € 65
Eye treatment
Special alpine treatment to care
for and rejuvenate the sensitive skin areas
around the eye. Treatment begins with a
gentle cleansing to prepare for
an anti-wrinkle massage around the eyes.
With a special mask, the eyes are
made radiant once more. 
An enjoyable treatment with a cooling
effect to bolster the eyes.
ca. 30 min € 50
Ampoule crash treatment
Intense moisturizing treatment for
the skin with a push-up effect.
5 ampoules are worked into the
skin using a special massage technique
involving so-called beauty waves.
ca. 50 min € 65
Express care
Cleansing, peel, mask, massage
ca. 50 min € 65
Dirndl cosmetics - for kids
Cleansing, mask, massage
ca. 30 min€ 28

Hands & feet

Paraffin bath
Moisturizes and makes
dry skin velvety smooth
Hand bath
Foot bath

ca. 30 min
ca. 30 min

€ 35
€ 38
Alpine spa hand care
The complexion and skin texture
improve immediately. Rough patches
disappear and abnormalities
are soothed. The hands will feel
soft and smooth. Hand bath with
peel, manicure, hand wrap,
and a hand massage
ca. 50 min € 50
Incl. hand massage
ca. 30 min € 32
Alpine spa pedicure
Foot bath, pedicure, foot massage
ca. 50 min € 40
Detoxifying foot care
• Detoxifying bath
• Alkaline tea
• Podiatric foot care
• Massage
ca. 75 min € 70
Nail polish
You can take the nail polish
you choose with you.
  € 14
Body detox – electrolysis foot bath
Deacidifying, cleansing, detoxifying.
The perfect way to eliminate excess acid.
Your feet are the 3rd kidney.
With this electrolysis foot bath, uric
acid is eliminated from the body.
Helps with paresthesia.
ca. 40 min
3 times
€ 38
€ 108

We ask that you make appointments in advance | Tel: +43 5280 5312 or


Even in ancient times, bath ceremonies and treatments were used for healing purposes.

Sage bath
Sage expels humid cold from the 
bladder and spleen and moves the qi. 
It affects the spleen yang and
expels moisture in the lungs. 
Helps with respiratory
illnesses, women's problems,
and general fatigue.
ca. 30 min € 28
Lemon balm bath
Lemon balm dissolves qi stagnation and
clears up stomach acid and heartburn.
Helps with stress, promotes sleep,
strengthens, and clears the head.
ca. 30 min € 28
Rosemary bath
Rosemary activates the qi and
expels the cold. It nourishes the
blood and the spleen qi as well as the
heart and lung qi. It is very
stimulating and strengthening. Helps with
headaches, rheumatism, and angina.
ca. 30 min € 28
Alkaline bath
Detoxifies, helps with
weight loss or deacidification
after sports.
ca. 30 min € 28
Thalasso bath
With Spirulina algae. It stimulates
skin metabolism and contains many
minerals, amino acids, antioxidants,
vitamins, and polysaccharides.
ca. 30 min € 28
Aroma therapy bath
For mind, body, and soul
ca. 30 min € 28
Aphrodisiac bath
Aroma therapy – perfectly
coordinated, natural oils.
A bath for 2 with Prosecco and
happiness hormones
ca. 30 min € 38


Vita life
Brings light to darkness.
A revolutionary concept
in preventative health care.
Magnetic field therapy in combination
with colored light and sound therapy.
• Reduces stress
• Supports the regeneration
   process with injuries
• Relieves muscle tension
• Prevents muscle aches
Helps with numerous complaints,
please contact Eva directly.
Can be integrated into various treatments.
per min € 1.20
Coloring (set)
Eyelash + eyebrow coloring
+ eyebrow shaping
ca. 30 min € 20
Individual services
Eyelash coloring
Eyebrow coloring
Eyebrow correction
€ 12
€ 10
€ 12
Hair removal with warm wax
Upper lip
Underarm € 20
Body (per minute)

€ 6
€ 8
€ 20
€ 1.20

We ask that you make appointments in advance | Tel: +43 5280 5312 or

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