Massages & Treatments

Massages & body treatments for your well-being

All of the oils we use are organic, cold-pressed, and natural. 100% quality. 

Classic massages

Back & neck

ca. 25 min
€ 40
Active massage - back, neck, & legs

ca. 30 min
€ 43
Energized legs

ca. 25 min
€ 43
Full-body massage

ca. 50 min
€ 67

Back, neck, & face

ca. 40 min

€ 53

The lederhosen massage
Back massage for kids
ca. 15 min € 24

Special massages

Glacier ice: foot and leg massage for
athletes' feet and calves

A pampering foot bath. If you would like,
you can enjoy the offered
druid herbal liqueur from the Alps.
Your legs will then be pampered
and massaged with Alpine
arnica oil. A foot massage
with balls of ice provides
cooling refreshment.
ca. 30 min € 45
Woodland scent: pine-honey massage
Effect: promotes blood flow,
detoxifies, dissolves blockages.
Mountain salt–pine honey treatment.
Honey applications have already been
a popular treatment in monasteries. You will
be treated by Eva herself.
ca. 30 min € 59
Waterfall - energy brush massage
Effect: ionizing,
promotes circulation, detoxifies.
This treatment creates an
ion current on the skin surface,
similar to a waterfall
or thunderstorm. It facilitates
detoxification via the skin.
Dead skin cells are also
removed. Recommended: after sports,
for cellulite.
ca. 30 min € 45
Alpine meadow: alpine herbal stamp massage
Effect: stimulates metabolism,
promotes circulation, detoxifies
the tissues, soothes,
strengthens the immune system,
activates cells. The combination of
the natural power of alpine herbs,
mountain salt, and warmth
soothes and relaxes the body.
The tissues become more elastic and
detoxified. The body can thus
get rid of built-up waste.
ca. 70 min € 107
Deep relaxation and harmony
for mind, body, and soul.
Complemented by the 7 color-energy aromas,
the power of colors and pure,
natural essential oils are united
with the energy of stones to 
create a sensual, meditative experience. 
Hot Stone - back
ca. 90 min

€ 119

Smoke signals – herb & ear candling
treatment incl. a cleansing
energy point and ear massage

Effect: in the head area, blood flow,
metabolism, and lymphatic function
are activated. Soothes and reduces
blood pressure, strengthens the immune system,
detoxifies, improves hearing, improves
balances. Ideal for colds,
stress, head pressure.
Each ear candle is individually applied.
ca. 50 min € 63
Indigo – meridian head massage
Effect: soothes and relaxes, 
dissolves blockages. By activating
appropriate points in combination with
pure essential oils and the color
healing light, blockages are dissolved
and energy can flow once again. 
Ideal for head pressure and stress.
ca. 30 min € 45

Energy balance
This full-body massage results
in a sense of well-being in keeping
with you and your needs based on Taoist
teachings of the 5 elements:
fire, earth, water, wood, metal.
Restores harmony to body and soul. 
The energy balance massage
relaxes and revitalizes your
Chi life energy.

ca. 70 min € 94
Abhayanga is said to add 5 years
to your life and plenty of life to 
those years. It neutralizes stress and
harmonizes the nervous system, improves
eyesight, and helps with insomnia.
ca. 70 min € 119
Poppy flower oil massage
Alleviates pain, reduces swelling,
promotes blood flow, and energizes.
Back & neck
Back, neck, & legs

ca. 25 min
ca. 30 min

€ 45
€ 48
Aromatic oil massage
Natural, 100% essential oils have a
holistic effect. The immune system
is strengthened. Invigorating,
harmonizing, and balancing.
Full-body massage
Back & neck
Back & legs

ca. 50 min
ca. 25 min
ca. 30 min

€ 69
€ 44
€ 47
Anti-pain special
Anti-pain massage for the back, neck,
shoulders, spinal discs, and joints using a
special point technique and stretching.
ca. 60 min € 140
Chinese foot reflexology massage
The feet are the 2nd heart of man.
"The journey of 1000 miles beings
beneath one's feet" (Chinese proverb).
It increases your well-being in the long term!
On a smaller scale, the feet "reflect"
the entire body and its condition.
The effect of the treatment extends to both
the physical and psychological-emotional area.  
ca. 60 min € 79
Pressure massage that dissolves blockages
and tension. Promotes the well-being
of mind, body, and soul.
For those who want to experience 
a different kind of massage.
ca. 60 min € 79
Lymph drainage
Lymph drainage is a type of stroking massage.
The gentle massage stimulates the flow of
lymph (body fluid), accelerates the
removal of waste materials, relaxes,
reduces swelling, and helps with varicose veins.
ca. 30 min
ca. 50 min
€ 44
€ 69
€ 55

We ask that you make appointments in advance | Tel: +43 5280 5312 or

Body treatments and massages

Alpenquell – full-body peel
with mountain salt

Dead skin cells are removed and
the skin is optimally prepared for
additional treatments. The magnificently
fragrant herb oil and mountain salt
provide alpine refreshment. The skin
will feel nourished.
ca. 30 min € 45
Crystal -clear – cleansing ritual with
body peel and soapsuds

An ideal cleansing ritual for every skin type.
First, dead skin will be gently removed
from the body, and you can then enjoy 
a cleansing with warm, gentle 
soapsuds. Followed by an
application of arnica oil.
ca. 50 min € 70

Sounds of the soul
Effect: the vibration of the body is
increased, and it becomes more conducive.
Chakra and aura are cleansed,
blood flow is enhanced, you are relaxed
and calmed, blockages are dissolved,
improved decision-making abilities,
deep relaxation, development of deep-seated
trust, you become better centered, inspiring.
Aided by the Chakraphon (8Hz) and
color healing light. By means of sound sticks
and a singing bowl, your spirit is
transported into an alpha state.
Intuitive form of healing.

ca. 50 min € 74

There are 32 points on your head that gently and easily dissolve anything that does not allow you to receive.
It's like pressing the delete key on your computer. All the thoughts, feelings and emotions that make you stuck and keep you repeating the same patterns in your life are just released...or an active body process.

"Let the bodies know what a gift they are, and they will be a gift to you."


ca. 60 min                                                 
€ 125        

We ask that you make appointments in advance | Tel: +43 5280 5312 or

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