Sauna Area

Steam bath, alm sauna, & infrared cabin

In our nude area (not connected to the panoramic indoor pool area), you will find our alm sauna with an authentic hut atmosphere, a small relaxation area, Tyrolean-style hay beds, a plunge pool, as well as a Luis Trenker infrared cabin.

Opening times of the nude area

The nude area is open daily from 3:00 to 7:00 pm for adults 15 and older.



Finnish sauna ~ 90°C

In the dry heat of the sauna, the temperature of the skin rises up to 10 degrees, and the temperature of the body rises 1 to 2 degrees. The transition from heating up to cooling off stimulates the circulation and metabolism and cleanses the skin and body tissue. By sweating, the blood is thickened. To compensate for this, water along with metabolic breakdown products, heavy metals, and contagious matter are transferred from the tissues into the blood. These substances then leave the body through the sweat glands and kidneys. 


Bio herb sauna ~ 60°C

With a humidity of 45%, the body's defense is increased and it stimulates the circulation.



Infrared warmth with 30 °C

Luis Trenker was aware of the beneficial effect of warmth on the mind, body, and soul. After long mountain excursions, he would head into his self-made "warmth chamber" to sweat out impurities. Tyrolean specialists for infrared technology - Physiotherm - in cooperation with the South Tyrolean fashion and lifestyle brand has brought this tradition back to life. Along with Alpine details and trusted Physiotherm technology, you can enjoy healthy sweating from 30 °C in the infrared cabin without straining the circulatory system.  This alleviates tension and back pain, strengthens the immune system, and promotes circulation.

Our nude area is not accessible for children under 15 yrs. old. 

Our wellness packages

Hiking stay for the Alpine crossing

08.06.2022 to 15.10.2022

• 1 night

• Farwell gift

from € 90,00 per pers.

Wanderweekend SPECIAL - Sommerzeit IM ALMTAL

08.06.2022 bis 15.10.2022

• 2 Übernachtungen


ab € 163,00 p.P.